Who are we?

We are the voice of the people.

Do you want a voice in Lansing that isn’t the insurance company’s or a doctor? Are you tired of paying so much for your auto insurance and looking around every six months for cheaper insurance?

Come join our club. We are a group of insurance agents that have invested our time and energy into understanding Michigan’s auto insurance. We have watched auto insurance increase through the years. We have seen how this affects our clients, family, and friends.

We contacted our representatives to see what we can do. Thus, 7.5 Insurance Club has formed!

7.5 Insurance Club is not far away from being the voice of the insurance reform in Michigan.

We need voices. We need to hear from you so Lansing can hear from us. We need 1 Million voices to take to Lansing. In July we are seeing another increase in our state fees. Lets stand up and make them hear us!

There is a cost to membership but it goes toward helping us raise awareness to the reform. We want to get the original Bill 248 passed. This will help lower insurance rates 15-45%.

Keep up to date on what is going on with your insurance regulations, be a voice to change Lansing, and help us become a low cost insurance company so no one has to be without insurance in Michigan!

Reap the benefits:

Voice in Lansing for Bill 248

Free Insurance Reviews

Updates on auto insurance regulations

Help prevent insurance fraud(keep your cost low)

Be the first to get discounted rates on auto (when approved by the state)

You can make a difference! Join now!